2018 Presentation Tour

  This fall I will giving presentations across the country. The theme of the talk is how nature improves our lives and I will be using Szu-ting Yi and my traverse of the Wind River Range Expedition to showcase the power of wild places    September 27, 2018 Boulder, CO https://info.nols.edu/boulder2018 October 4, 2018 Patagonia Store Chicago, IL https://info.nols.edu/chicago2018 October 18, 2018 Patagonia Store NYC, NY https://info.nols.edu/nyc2018 October 24 Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD  October 25 Cleveland Park Club Washington DC https://info.nols.edu/dc2018

Am I really in Patagonia?

Paddling across the translucent surface of Lago Huahuahue, I heard the crack before I saw it. Well, not the crack itself, but the sound of a small stream trickling down the continuous fissure from the summit snow fields. The northwest wall of Cerro Esquinero rises 800 meters out of the lake in the heart of Nahuel National Park, Argentina. At daybreak my wife Szu-ting and I moored our packrafts to a chockstone in the crack and started climbing. During the cool morning we followed the slabby sometimes-vegetated crack and quickly climbed seven pitches. Then the wall steepened and the full …

Huahuahu Expedition

In February of 2018,  Szu-ting Yi and I will embark on a self supported climbing expedition to Patagonia. Our goal is to ascend several unclimbed 2,500ft granite walls in western Argentina. After getting dropped by boat in Nahuel Huapi National Park, we will hike and pack-raft to a basecamp below the walls and attempt our climbing objectives. Follow us on Instagram @ayexplore Videos Vimeo  David Anderson Instagram  Facebook Szu-ting Yi Instagram Instagram (chinese) Facebook PARTNERS Gore Shipton-Tilman Grant Butora Norrona Hyperlite Mountain Gear Camp USA Enlightened Equipment Palo Meals To Go Suunto GSI Outdoors

Butora’s Altura Climbing Shoe

  Today there are hundreds of models of climbing shoes to choose from. But if you are looking for a climbing shoe that can smear, edge, climb cracks, and be comfortable enough to wear all day on multi-pitch routes, your options can be counted on one hand. A trad climbing shoe also needs to be designed and constructed to take the abuse of being constantly jammed into cracks of various sizes. The Altura by Butora fulfills all of these criteria and is, in my opinion, the best crack climbing shoe available today. Design Any climbing shoe can be used to …

The Traverse of the Wind River Range

We are BACK!!!!  We successfully completed a north to south traverse of the Wind River Range and summited 33 peaks along the Continental Divide! We traveled 162 milesOur elevation gain and loss was approx. 70,000 feet (that is the equivalent of climbing Everest 6 times, basecamp to summit!) With only nine easy peaks left to climb an early winter storm pinned us down for several days. When the storm cleared the mountains were coated with snow and ice. Out of food and with another much bigger storm predicted for the weekend we decided to hike out to our finishing point. …

A New Year

I spent the last six days and nights of 2016 at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital (VGH )in Taiwan caring for my wife after her surgery (btw she is doing great). The VGH is a modern, clean and efficient hospital. Yet, no one really wants to spend time there. Szu-ting’s ward was on the eighth floor, where babies were arrive into the world and other people leave it. In the bed across from to Szu-ting’s a woman was dying. Only five feet of distance and a curtain separated us. When she could still walk, she smiled at us as she made her …

Walami Trail -Tawian

On December 10 and 11th,  Szu-ting Yi and I teamed up with Lonely Planet Asia to lead a backpacking trip into the mountains of Taiwan along the famous Walami Trail.