The Traverse of the Wind River Range

We are BACK!!!!  We successfully completed a north to south traverse of the Wind River Range and summited 33 peaks along the Continental Divide! We traveled 162 milesOur elevation gain and loss was approx. 70,000 feet (that is the equivalent of climbing Everest 6 times, basecamp to summit!) With only nine easy peaks left to climb an early winter storm pinned us down for several days. When the storm cleared the mountains were coated with snow and ice. Out of food and with another much bigger storm predicted for the weekend we decided to hike out to our finishing point. …

A New Year

I spent the last six days and nights of 2016 at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital (VGH )in Taiwan caring for my wife after her surgery (btw she is doing great). The VGH is a modern, clean and efficient hospital. Yet, no one really wants to spend time there. Szu-ting’s ward was on the eighth floor, where babies were arrive into the world and other people leave it. In the bed across from to Szu-ting’s a woman was dying. Only five feet of distance and a curtain separated us. When she could still walk, she smiled at us as she made her …

Walami Trail -Tawian

On December 10 and 11th,  Szu-ting Yi and I teamed up with Lonely Planet Asia to lead a backpacking trip into the mountains of Taiwan along the famous Walami Trail.

Yunnan : Discovering the Land of the Matriarch

Seven people travelled with LittlePo Adventures ( to Yunnan China. The group experienced a variety unique cultures, wondrous food options and had the opportunity to learn and practice Qigong ( in breathtakingly scenic natural environments. The travellers used the historic town of Lijiang as a hub to explore several areas of Yunnan Province including Legu Lake, Limming, Yuhu Village and many other small locals. We had a spectacular weather and great time exploring this part of China. The two attached videos were edited for the participants of the trip, I will post shorter “summary” video soon.


During our pack speaking and guiding tour of Taiwan, we made a quick visit to the island of Penghu, Taiwan and enjoyed the food, wind and peaceful setting of this magical island.

Outside Adventure Magazine

It was nice to see a physical copy of this fall’s Outside Adventure Magazine. Szu-ting Yi wrote a feature article about climbing desert towers in Utah and my photos were featured on the cover and throughout the article.

Shipton Tilman Award

Szu-ting and I were very fortunate to receive on of this years GORE-TEX® Shipton-Tilman Grant for our 2017 Great Walls of China expedition to Xinjiang China. The Great Walls of China: The goal of the team of Szu-ting Yi and David Anderson is to explore an unvisited and unnamed valley in the remote Kokshaal-Too Mountains of Xinjiang Province, China near the border of Kyrgyzstan. Specifically, the team hopes to summit the unclimbed Great Walls of China (5,400 m), including an unexplored section of the wall that faces south and is located in a sheltered side valley (approx. 700 m). While several …

Desert Towers

In December Szu-ting and I finished up a climbing and media project exploring desert towers in the Four Corners region of the Southwestern US. We worked with Arcteryx and Butora providing text, photos and video about Szu-ting’s ascents of some classic and some not so classic desert towers. check out the video links:

Secret Moon Cake

In September Szu-ting and I returned to the Siguniang Mountains in China to attempt a new route on Eagle Peak East (5300m). We had many hurdles to overcome including permits issues, terrible weather, run-out climbing and dirt filled cracks. But at the end of our expedition we got a short weather window that allowed us to establish Secret Moon Cake V 5.10.

Black Diamond Equipment and Genyen Massif of China

For the last year Szu-ting and I have been collaborating with Black Diamond Equipment on providing content for their website. The project has focussed on our expeditions to the Genyen Massif of Western China. It was great to see the five video I shot and edited on their website as well as still images on the Instagram account. Many people enjoyed the series and one person wrote, “Another great set of stories – really strong metaphors about handling adversity, taking risks and knowing what you can/can’t control…plus the beauty of the valley and mountains…really inspiring!!”