Thanksgiving/The Creek

I once again spent Thanksgiving in Indian Creek, UT. For the last two Thanksgivings I have been guiding in Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas, NV, so it was a real treat to spent the holiday with some good friends away from the craziness of Vegas. Many other people also make the sojourn to the Creek for Thanksgiving, so I am usually more focused on spending time with friends, that I have not seen for a long time, than getting in a lot of pitches. But we managed choose uncrowded cliffs and actually partook in some great climbing. Here is a link …

Red Rocks

Just returned from a great three weeks of guiding in Red Rocks Conservation Area, NV. I was there instructing a NOLS semester course. We had great weather with only one mild wind storm and decent temperatures during our time there and the students were able to get in a lot of climbing.

Slab Climbing Argh!

I returned from a short climbing trip to Joshua Tree, CA with my friends Brigitte and Szu-ting. 20 years ago I used to be a good slab climber, able to trust my feet on the smallest most insecure footholds and competently run it out to the next bolt. This past week in Joshua Tree, even though I climb several number grades harder than I did 20 years ago, I found that I had lost most of my slab climbing ability. Even with my super comfy and sticky Evolve Defy SE and edge climbing masters the Pontas lace up shoes I …

House Range

I just returned from leading a three week NOLS climbing section to House Range of western UT. One thing about the West is, if you don’t like the just wait. One day we had sunny skies and  temperatures in the mid 90’s the next day the high was in the mid 50’s and we had rain and sleet most of the day??!!

Joining the Evolv Team

Over the summer I met with Buck Branson of Evolve to discuss what I am doing in the climbing world as well as talk about some of my projects to promote social and environmental responsibility in the US and abroad. As a result I am thrilled to be joining the Evolve team. I will be involved in product testing of present and future products and hope to be able to use my four decades of climbing experience to improve Evolves already great line up of climbing and approach shoes. Evolve is a small company committed to producing amazing climbing shoes …