Expedition CV

August 2019 Zanskar Mountains Expedition, India

Explored unclimbed granite peaks in the Zanskar Range of Northern India. 


February 2018 Huahuahue Expedition Argentina

Explored a remote region of Argentine Patagonia by foot and pack-raft and ascended previously unclimbed granite walls



August-September 2017 Wind River Range Traverse, WY

Traveled 160 miles along the Continental Divide and summited 33 peaks



September 2015 Siguniang Range, China

First Ascent on Eagle Peak East via “Secret Moon Cake” V, 5.10



January 2015 Avellano Towers, Chile

First Ascents Avellano Towers of southern Chile

Mugs Stump Award, Todd Skinner Fund, Mazamas and NOLS


September 2014 Mongolia

First Ascents in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and Western Gobi,

Mountain Safety Research report Shipton Tilman Award


September 2013 Siguniang Range, China

First Ascent of Dayantianwo 17126ft via the south ridge (IV 5.10 50 degrees)



October 2012 Genyen Massif, China

First Ascent of Kemailong in the Genyen Massif, China (V 5.10 M5)



September 2011 Genyen Massif and  Shaluli Shan Range, China

First Ascent of Crown Mountain (18,420) via southwest ridge


February-March 2009 Pirate Valley Expedition, Argentina

First Ascent of Voces en la Noche (V 5.11 A0)

Climbing Hot Flashes


July-August 2008 Ischinca Valley Expedition, Peru

First Ascent of Hatun Ulloc via Karma de los Condores (V 5.11+R), Direct west face of Tocllaraju D+(6,034 meters)

Climbing Hot Flashes


August 2007 Wind River Range, WY

New Route on War Bonnet “Lichen Never Sleeps” IV, 5.11b


October 2006 Genyen Massif Expedition, China

First Ascent of Shachun  19,570 feet   5.10+, M5, 70 degrees and Phurpa 18,500 feet 5.8, 75 degree

Climbing Hot FlashesAlpinist Newswire Received The Shipton Tilman Grant


September 2006 Gannett Peak Wind River Range, WY

Speed Ascent of Gannet Peak 8:20 (new record)

Climbing Hot Flashes


August 2006 Cirque of the Towers Wind River Range, WY

 Cirque of the Towers  car to car 13:30 (new record)

Climbing Hot Flashes


June 2005 Mt Huntington Alaska Range, AK

Attempted new route on French Ridge 1000 ft 5.11 A1


September-November 2004 The Long Walk Russia to India

Retraced the amazing trek chronicled in the book The Long Walk. Moscow to Calcutta Recorded the changes to people and environment during the last 60 years on film and video. Worked with Medicines Global (GB) providing medical supplies to remote communities

Received Malden Mills Polartec Challenge  Award


March-April 2004 Avellano Towers Expedition, Chile

Mountaineering expedition to an unexplored region of Northern Patagonia

First Ascent of the 4,000 ft Avellano Tower IV 5.10 AI3

Climbing Hot Flashes Alpinist Newswire Received the Mugs Stump Award and Mazamas Mountaineering Grant


 June-July 2003  Greyskull Valley Expedition, Canada

Mountaineering expedition to unexplored area in British Columbia Climbed rock and alpine routes

Received The Gore Shipton/Tilman Grant



February- March 2003 The Frozen Passage to Zanskar Expedition, India

Trekked up frozen river to explore and document remote culture Climbed frozen waterfalls in Zanskar Gorge

Received Mazamas Mountaineering Grant, Expedition News


August 2002 Wind River Range, WY

First one day (16 hours) ascent of the Original Route on Mt Hooker VI, 5.11+,A1


December-January 2001-02  Changing Faces of Nepal Expedition, Nepal

Climbed  Kwandge Lho and Lobuche East Explored and climbed virgin waterfall ice in the Lumding Valley


August 2001 Wind River Range WY

First car to car traverse of the Cirque of the Towers in a day

Climbing Magazine August 2003 page 45)


May 2001 Mt Huntington AK Expedition, AK

Climbed the West Face of Mount Huntington


February-March 2001 Patagonia Expedition, Argentina

Summitted two of the main formations in the Fitzroy Massif Reporter/photographer for Quokka Sports


August 2000 Grand Traverse of the Tetons Range, WY

Onsight car to car traverse in a day of all the main peaks of the Teton Range

(AAJ 2001 page189)


June-July 2000 Forbidden Towers Expedition, Pakistan

Explored Kondus Valley, previously closed to foreigners Climbed 3500ft granite tower, Tahir Tower VI 5.11 A3+

(AJJ 2001 pages 367-68, Climbing Magazine Dec 2001) MaldenMills Polartec Award, Liman Spitzner Grant, Reporter/photographer for Mountainzone.com (The Forbidden Towers Expedition, www.mountainzone.com)


December-February 1999-2000 Patagonia Expedition, Argentina

Sumitted three of the main formations in the Fitzroy Massif

(High Magazine 215 page 76, High Magazine 214 page74)

June 1998 Little Switzerland Expedition, AK

Climbed several new routes

(AAJ 1999 192, High Magazine 217 page 76, Alaska a climbing Guide pages 71-73) Supertopo Alaska Guide


May 1998 India Garhwal Expedition, India

Mountaineering expedition to Nanda Devi area


January 1998 Newfoundland Ice Climbing Expedition, Canada

Explored and climbed new routes in Western Newfoundland.

(AAJ 2000 p. 236)


September 1997 Cascades Range., WA

Soloed West Ridge on Forbidden Peak, North Ridge on Mt Stuart and Prusik Peak in 72 hours

February 2018 Huahuahue Expedition Argentina 


September 1995 Canadian Rockies Expedition, Canada

Climbed numerous peaks in Canadian Rockies and Bugaboos


August 1995 Dalton Highway Expedition, AK

Explored the Arctic Wildlife Refuge


June 1995 Alaska Range Expedition, AK

Climbed West Buttress Denali


October 1994 Central Alaska River Exploration, AK

Kennicot to the Chitna River


December/January 1992-93  Ecuador Expedition

Climbed the three highest peaks in Ecuador Trekked in the cloud forest of Northern Ecuador


March 1987  Mexico Expedition

Climbed the three highest peaks in Mexico


March 1986 Utah Canyon Exploration

Grand Gulch Primitive Area


April 1982 Ragged Mountain, CT

First Climb Wiessner Slab 5.3