The main theme of my presentations is the holistic experience of exploration. As a climber and adventurer I have sought out challenging objectives around the world. But for me standing on top of a mountain or accessing a previously unexplored area is only part of the experience. Learning about the diverse environments, friendly people and unique cultures found in the remote corners of the globe is really what makes my adventures and my presentations complete.

In today’s turbulent world understanding what is going on around us is critical for the continued health of the planet and the human race as a whole.

My presentations are approximately one hour in length. The shows are digital, using computers and sophisticated software to choreograph still images, video clips and music into a professional audio/visual performance.

I have over a dozen pre-made slideshows and can also provide custom presentations.
The Forbidden Towers
The Long Walk
Avellano Towers
Genyen Massif Expedition
Mother Mountain of Mongolia
Frozen Passage to Zanskar
Pirate Valley Expedition
A Season in Patagonia
What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger