The Traverse of the Wind River Range

DSC09360 DSC08613 DSC00548We are BACK!!!! 

We successfully completed a north to south traverse of the Wind River Range and summited 33 peaks along the Continental Divide! We traveled 162 milesOur elevation gain and loss was approx. 70,000 feet (that is the equivalent of climbing Everest 6 times, basecamp to summit!)

With only nine easy peaks left to climb an early winter storm pinned us down for several days. When the storm cleared the mountains were coated with snow and ice. Out of food and with another much bigger storm predicted for the weekend we decided to hike out to our finishing point.

Szu-ting Yi and I had an amazing once in a lifetime adventure. I have never put as much prolonged effort into an expedition. I lost over 17 pounds in 20 days (Szu-ting Yi lost a similar percentage) and despite the hardships, the wildness and beauty of the Wind River Range is still bringing smiles to our faces.

Many people helped us reach our goal. Companies such as Ultimate Direction, CAMP USA, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Enlightened Equipment, Paleo Meals To Go La Sportiva provided us with incredible outdoor products. Also a big thanks to the fellow hikers/climbers we met who offered their encouragement and shared their food with us along the way!

Thank you all


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