Simple Trick To Make Expensive Outdoor Footwear Last Longer

  Simple Trick To Make Expensive Outdoor Footwear Last Longer Materials and construction techniques continue to advance, and outdoor footwear is lighter and better (and more expensive) than ever. Here’s a trick to add longevity to your mountain kicks. Footwear has evolved. Trail hikers, boots, and approach shoes now have construction that’s much more complex than similar footwear built a decade back. …

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Genyen 4 – The Tipping Point

In 2012 Dave Anderson and Szu-ting Yi returned to the Genyen Massif in Western China with their sights set on an unclimbed peak named Kemailong 19,270ft. They faced several challenges just getting to the base of the mountain, but nothing could prepare them for their life changing experience near the summit.  

The Lifer

Szu-ting and I spent the month of February in Mexico climbing in El Potrero Chico. We climbed with one of my old friends John Brewer. Here is a short video I shot of him climbing some hard limestone. Fifteen years ago doctors told John Brewer he would never climb again. Today at 53 years young, …

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Genyen 3 – Desire and Reality

In the third installment of the Genyen series, Dave Anderson returns with Szu-ting Yi and Eric Salazar to attempt the unclimbed peak Hutsa. However, the team faces several challenges that are outside of their control.