Shipton Tilman Award

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Szu-ting and I were very fortunate to receive on of this years GORE-TEX® Shipton-Tilman Grant for our 2017 Great Walls of China expedition to Xinjiang China.

The Great Walls of China:

The goal of the team of Szu-ting Yi and David Anderson is to explore an unvisited and unnamed valley in the remote Kokshaal-Too Mountains of Xinjiang Province, China near the border of Kyrgyzstan. Specifically, the team hopes to summit the unclimbed Great Walls of China (5,400 m), including an unexplored section of the wall that faces south and is located in a sheltered side valley (approx. 700 m). While several climbing expeditions have visited this area, Yi reports that none have successfully reached the top of the steep granite walls or the summit of the formation.

Gripped Magazine listed all of this year winners here: wall china The Wallroute china_rel96


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