Patagonia Worn Wear Movie

In May 2013, Keith and Lauren Malloy contacted us after I sent in this story to Patagonia about my R1 Hoody Worn Wear – The Stories We Wear

We ended up meeting their film crew in Red Rocks and spending couple days on the other side of the lens as they filmed us climbing and hanging out in our van. Our segment did not make the movie, but they sent us this edit.


1 thought on “Patagonia Worn Wear Movie”

  1. Richard & Karol Duncan

    We keep telling people about your “Magic” video and we are never dissapointed when look at it again and again. We just returned from a long road trip and my wife pointed out we still have a free night at Az Parks the we need to use by the end of the month. Time to get back on the road. Simplicity = multifunctional should be painted on our NVs.

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