2011 Winter Slide Show Tour

For the next month I will be giving a variety of outdoor adventure presentations on both the West and East Coast of the US.

The main theme of my presentations is the holistic experience of exploration. As a climber and adventurer I have sought out challenging objectives around the world. But for me standing on top of a mountain or accessing a previously unexplored area is only part of the experience. Learning about the diverse environments, friendly people and unique cultures found in the remote corners of the globe is really what makes my adventures and my presentations complete.

My presentations are approximately one hour in length. The shows are digital, using computers and sophisticated software to choreograph still images, video clips and music into a professional audio/visual performance.

ESSENCE OF THE ORIENT – Exploring Taiwan and Western China

Learn about a region of the world often hidden in mystery, see images and video of awe-inspiring wild places, unique natural history and irresistible food. Hear stories from Taiwan and China about the remarkable people who live there and discover the differences and similarities to the culture here in the US. Join Dave and Szu-ting as they explore the rugged sandstone cliffs of the Dragon Cave in Taiwan, sport climb up the Karst limestone cliffs of Yangshuo, observe young Pandas wrestling with each other outside of Chengdu, float down the Li river on a bamboo raft and trek into the high mountains of Western Sichuan and ascend unclimbed peaks in Genyen Massif.

Find out more here: http://www.littlepo.com/events/slideshow-tour-2011-the-essence-of-the-orient/

THE PIRATE VALLEY EXPEDITION – An epic journey to ascend an unclimbed peak in Patagonia

In  2009, Dave Anderson and two friends traveled to a remote region of Patagonia to attempt an unclimbed peak. The expedition required almost every outdoor skill imaginable including, “run out” scary climbing, forced bivouacs, gnarly river crossings, torrential downpours, sketchy tyrolleans, navigating unknown white water in Kmart style rafts, even hacking through dense bamboo-like forests with machetes on the approach. But the amazing granite cracks, unspoiled wilderness and camaraderie of three good friends, made all the hardship seem trivial in comparison. The expedition received several prestigious grants including the Mugs Stump Award. Here is a short video highlight of the trip http://vimeo.com/3947686

WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER – A light hearted look at the adventures and lessons learned from 25 years of expedition around the world.

Over the last 25 years Dave Anderson has traveled around the globe seeking out challenging adventures that have pushed him to the limit both physically and mentally. See stunning images and video clips from climbing frozen peaks in Alaska, to riding camels across the Gobi Dessert, to milking yaks in Tibet. Hear tales of near disastrous falls, being hopelessly lost, with a dose of broken down vehicles, air travel mishaps and automatic weapons thrown in for good measure. Laugh and learn from Dave’s tales of failure and triumph.
Here is a link to a similar presentation I gave at the International Climbing Festival this past summer http://dave-anderson.com/?p=491

Please visit my Presentation Schedule Page for more information on location, dates and times!

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