Blue Mass Scenic Area

Last weekend Laura Ditolla and I headed to the western of UT to scout the Blue Mass Scenic area as a potential location NOLS might be able to use for climbing camps. I briefly visited the area in October and was impressed by the unique granite found there. The rock is a cross between City of Rocks, ID and the Needles of SD. The Blue Mass scenic area is located at 7,500 feet. Due to little or no snow accumulations this season, I was anxious get up there and have a detailed look, before a big storm block the road. We were able to get in and hike around and look at potential climbing options as well as inventory what had been climbed there already. However ,a couple inches of snow the night before and temperatures in the teens prevented us for doing a lot of climbing. The area is incredibly “scenic” and has a tremendous potential for single pitches routes and is close to the Deep Creek/Granite Canyon area that offers another unexplored plethora rock walls. Here is a short rather silly video about our adventure.

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