Team Members

Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson Age:46

Mountain Guide, Photographer, Author

As a young boy growing up in New England, Dave was fascinated by the natural world and developed a keen interest in watching birds and other wildlife. Later in high school he was introduced to rock climbing and immediately fell in love with the vertical world. Dave continued to develop his climbing and other outdoor skills in college. After receiving his degree in wildlife biology, Dave participated in many environmental research projects; studying everything from songbird nesting habits to global warming. For the last twenty-five years Dave has worked as a guide, leading many different types of outdoor pursuits including natural history treks, wilderness backpacking, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, white water rafting and canoeing all around the world. Dave is also a senior instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), where he teaches rock climbing and mountaineering courses, develops curriculum and conducts staff training’s. Dave’s expeditions have taken him to fifteen different countries on four continents. From the high mountains of the Alaska Range and the Himalayas, to the windswept landscapes of Patagonia, to the flat expanses of the Gobi Desert. Dave has experienced first hand places the many people only dream about.

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Szu-ting Yi

Szu-ting Yi: Age 35

Computer Scientist, Outdoor Educator, Owner of Adventure Travel Company, Writer

Szu-ting Yi was born in Taiwan and she speaks Mandarin Chinese natively and is able to understand conversational Cantonese and communicate in Taiwanese. She studied Chinese history, literature and various ethnic groups of mainland China. After graduating from college, Szu-ting came to the States to pursue her graduate study. In 2007, she obtained her PhD degree in computer science. During her time in the States she continued to pursue her passion of climbing and mountaineering. Szu-ting has attempted the highest peaks of both North and South America: Denali (to 19,400 feet) and Aconcagua (to 21,500), and conducted many rock climbing expeditions in various destinations around the US, Canada, China and Taiwan. Starting in 2005, Szu-ting has worked for the AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club). In 2007 and early 2008, Szu-ting worked for Thistledew Camp, an adjudicated youth program based in Minnesota. There she practiced and strengthened her soft skills and learned to deal with severe cold temperatures. Szu-ting became a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) instructor in summer 2008, and since then she works as a climbing instructor for B.O.L.D. Mountain School, Passages NW, The Bush School, and NOLS. In 2010 Szu-ting launched LittlePo Adventures an active outdoor guiding company. She brings  English-speaking people to China and Taiwan and leads them on climbing, trekking and cultural trips. Szu-ting’s Chinese cultural background and over a decade submerging in American culture, make her believe that the best lies somewhere between the East and the West.

Szu-ting leads 5.10 sport/trad, WI 3 some of her ascents include:

  1. Muldrow Glacier Route, AK 2, (to 19,400 ft), Denali Range, AK, 2007
  2. Polish Glacier Traverse Route (to 21,500 ft) Aconcagua, Argentina, 2008
  3. “Epinephrine” IV, 5.9 Red Rocks, NV, 2009
Eric Salazar

Eric Salazar: age 30

Outdoor Educator, Carpenter

Eric Salazar was born in Southern California and started climbing in high school. Eric has worked for numerous outdoor educations programs and guiding companies including NOLS, The Bush School, B.O.L.D. and AAI leading trips and guided ascents in the Cascades, Wind River Range, Red Rocks, Joshua Tree, Cochise Stronghold and Squamish BC.

Eric leads 5.12 sport/trad, WI 4 some of his ascents include

  1. North Ridge, Mt. Marcus Baker, AK 2+, Chugach Range, AK, 2010
  2. North Wall Couloir, FA III, WI 3, Lake 22 North Cascades, WA, 2009
  3. Full Exum Ridge, IV, 5.7, Grand Teton WY, 2008

How will we work together?

This team has a wealth of experience that will allow us to be safe and successful in the mountains. I have been alpine climbing for 28 years and have amassed a larger database of information about objective hazards, route finding and confidence in my ability to look at a pitch or route and to assess the difficulty and potential dangers. During my 2006 expedition I gained valuable information about the Genyen region which will also help the team succeed in our objectives.Szu-ting brings solid climbing skills and the knowledge of languages and customs of the local people in this region of China. She will be invaluable as we deal with the ever changing climbing permit regulations, that have plagued other non mandarin speaking expedition in Sichuan Province. In addition, as a Taiwanese citizen she understands and has great empathy for the difficulties the local Tibetan people have had living under the Communist Chinese government’s rule. Finally, Eric’s enthusiasm and strong technical rock skills will be invaluable in maintaining the groups energy and commitment to accomplishing our goals.Finally, we have all worked as guides and NOLS instructors on remote 30 day courses in the wilderness and know the importance of getting along as a team. We are not 5.14 climbers, but we have climbed together extensively and built a relationship based on trust and honest feedback. We will be together 24/7 for the entire expedition and being able to function as cohesive unit is something we have done many times during our time working and previously on our own personal expeditions