Simple Trick To Make Expensive Outdoor Footwear Last Longer

  Simple Trick To Make Expensive Outdoor Footwear Last Longer Materials and construction techniques continue to advance, and outdoor footwear is lighter and better (and more expensive) than ever. Here’s a trick to add longevity to your mountain kicks. Footwear has evolved. Trail hikers, boots, and approach shoes now have construction that’s much more complex than similar footwear built a decade back. Different types of stitching, gluing, and fabric-welding techniques can be found in one pair of shoes. These manufacturing processes improve the function of footwear. But they also increase the number of seams and interfacing materials, creating more potential wear points. Quick Solution By coating the seams …

Genyen 5 The Year of the Horse

In the final episode of the Genyen series, Dave Anderson and Szu-ting Yi return to the Tibetan Plateau in 2014. With locals more tolerant of outsiders exploring the mountains they plan to attempt the still unclimbed peak called Hutsa. They have attempt the peak three times in the past eight years. Bad weather, illness, and access issues have prevented them from standing on top of the peak, will this be the year?  

The Lifer

Szu-ting and I spent the month of February in Mexico climbing in El Potrero Chico. We climbed with one of my old friends John Brewer. Here is a short video I shot of him climbing some hard limestone. Fifteen years ago doctors told John Brewer he would never climb again. Today at 53 years young, John not only climbs, but continues to send harder and harder routes. John lives in Moab Utah, but spends most winters in Mexico seeking out challenging overhanging limestone sport routes such as Nemo (5.13b) at Potrero Chico. Hopefully, at some point I can get John …

National Geographic Radio

  When I returned from Chile, I received an email from a producer at National Geographic Radio asking if I would be interested in doing an interview for their weekend program. A few weeks later I chatted with Boyd Matson  birding, riding on the back of a motorcycle across China and climbing mountains.  

Birdwatching and Maven Optics

One of the first people I met in Lander WY, when I started working for the National Outdoor Leadership School, was Mike Lilygren. He was working at Wild Iris, the only outdoor gear store in Lander. He was a climber and we quickly became friends.  Mike is an outgoing talkative guy, but he never talked much about himself. Months after we first met I came across an issue of National Geographic Magazine who’s featured story was about a successful expedition to climb Trango Tower in Pakistan. When I looked at photo credit of the familiar looking climber on the cover I learned it …