Szu-ting Yi and I have embarked on yet another new adventure. While we will be traveling during this adventure, the focus is on maintaining a balanced life.  The phrase “a balanced life,” is the foundation of many religions and is often talked about, but almost never realized. Szu-ting and I are not converting to an established religion, but are simply trying to equal out our lives.

Being climbers, we are constantly securing ourselves with climbing equipment to the rock. These attachment points must be strong, redundant and equalized, so that our weight is spread out as equally as possible to our connection points. Basically, the idea of equalizing climbing anchors morphed into equalizing our lives and the term Equalives was coined.

This is just a quick blog post to introduce the concept. Szu-ting and I decided to focus on what we wanted out of life and are simply trying to make that happen. We want to be together, explore the world and cultures around us, make enough money to live comfortably and of course climb! To achieve these goals we rented out our condo in Seattle and bought a large 2012 Nissan NV cargo van. Over the past several months we converted the van into a sleeping, cooking and working mobile home with lots of storage for our outdoor gear. We installed solar panels that charge a battery bank for our electronic equipment and small refrigerator to live a low impact lifestyle off the grid.

I will post another blog post about the van construction, but for now here is a picture of Magic. 

















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