New Adventure Travel Trip with LittlePo Adventures: Exploring the Tibetan Plateau

After Szu ting Yi and I finish the climbing portion of the climbing portion of the Return to Genyen Expedition we (through our adventure travel company will be offering a once in a lifetime adventure for interested travelers.

Explore the Tibetan Plateau is a trekking and service based expedition into the heart of the Tibetan Plateau to experience the wild scenic beauty of the Himalaya and the vibrant culture of the local people who live there.
Dates: September 26 – October 8th
Cost: $2,100

As you might have heard Szu-ting Yi and I will be visiting the Genyen Massif located in the Tibetan Plateau to attempt to summit several unclimbed peaks. We will also be working on a film about Rinchen Chuta and the school he is trying to build in nearby Litang. We were very fortunate to receive the Lyman Spitzer Alpine Grant from the American Alpine Club and the Planet Granite Grant.

Be sure to follow are progress at:
Here is a short video explaining the project:

After the climbing expedition concludes, Szu-ting and I will offer Explore the Tibetan Plateau a unique 14 day trekking/cultural immersion/service project trip in Western China.

When, Where and What?
The adventure will start on September 26, 2011* in Chengdu China, the capital of Western Sichuan provinces. We will observe the Giant Pandas living nearby and take in a Sichuan opera before traveling across the Tibetan Plateau to the town of Litang. In Litang we will spend some time helping Rinchen Chuta with his language school. Litang is at the foot of the Genyen Massif and we will then trek into mountains setting up a small base camp in front of the magnificent Lengu Monastery. The next few days will be spent exploring the valley, day hiking amongst the meditation caves that look out on the breathtaking granite spires nearby.  Our journey will conclude by traveling south to Yunnan province visiting the mythical town of Shangri-La and ending up in the ancient and ethnically diverse city of Lijiang on October 8, 2011.
*start and end dates are somewhat flexible
We are excited about sharing this trip with our friends as it encompasses spectacular scenery and amazing cultural diversity. But as a new itinerary, we are calling this a “scouting trip.” What does this mean to you or your friends that might be interested joining us?

What is special about this adventure?
1. Reduced cost – As Szu-ting and I will already be in China our cost will be reduced and we will pass along these savings to you.
2. Small group – 6 max, but 4 is our target number
3. Flexible itinerary – while the overall logistics will be well planned to successfully complete the route, each participant will have input into the daily plan and activity options.
4. Give something back – we will travel with work with local people including helping Rinchen Chuta in his quest to educate the Litang youth.

For more images from the areas and people we will visit click here:

Please contact us if you have any questions about the expedition and please pass this email along to friends who might be interested!

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